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  If you watch British television on March 15,you might be surprised to see celebrities (名人) wearing funny red noses and joking around.But don't worry.They're not mad.It's all part of a money raising event called Red Nose Day.fight poverty and injustice in the UK and Africa.Celebrities and public figures support the event by making appearances on comic TV shows.For example,UK Prime Minister David Cameron once appeared in a music video by One Direction,which the band produced for the event.

  Britons don't just raise money for charitable causes on one day a year,but they do it all year round.One way of doing so is by shopping in charity shops.These small shops sell clothes,books and household goods just like any other shop except that they're all secondhand.

  There are nearly 10,7000 charity shops in the UK.Their business model is simple: anybody who has things they don't want anymore can donate them to a charity shop,where they are checked for damage,cleaned and priced.The money that is made by selling them is used for a charitable cause.

  The idea of buying used clothes may sound unpleasant,but for shoppers who have less spending money,it has been a welcome option.Now,shopping at charity shops is also becoming popular with young people looking for alternative fashion.“You can find very unique clothes for a very cheap price.It doesn't bother me that other people may have worn them.I simply wash them before I wear them,” said Anne Marie,a 19-year-old from the US.So next time you spot a charity shop,why not go inside?Who knows【语篇解读】 本文主要介绍了在英国人们经常做慈善。解析:细节理解题。依据第二段的“the aim of the event is to raise money...For example...”可知英国首相卡梅伦出现在音乐视频中是为了帮助筹款故选C项。答案:C   B.People's donation.解析:细节理解题。依据第四段的第二句可知人们可以把不用的东西捐给慈善商店因此这些商品来自人们的捐献。答案:B解析:推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中安妮的话可知在慈善商店可以买到物美价廉的商品由此可知她对慈善商店是支持的。答案:AWhat is the text mainly about?

  A.Red Nose Day. B.British celebrities.

  C.Charity in Britain. D.Secondhand shops.


  China's admiration of outstanding scholars has turned the well-preserved childhood home of Tu Youyou(药理学家) who won Nobel Prize in Physiology (生理学) or Medicine-year-old Tu had become the first Chinese citizen to win this international prizeacted visitors,especially parents and their children—even though it is not open to the public.

  The house,where Tu lived until she went to university in Beijing,covers an area of 2,200 square metres and is priced at 150 million yuan ($23.6 million).It is part of a complex of 37 traditional buildings-and-district-level cultural relic preservation sites-end art and commercial zone.nts in strollers to college students,to take photos in front of Tu's former home.Security guards have been ordered to go on patrol around the clock,” said Mr Zhao,a salesperson from Ningbo Real Estate Inc Co.

  Shanghai resident Xu Lingfei,who was on a trip to Ningbo,took her 9-year-old son to walk around the complex on Wednesday. “Chinese people believe in exams and awards and have a strong preference for high performers.Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities (名人) is a way to inspire them to study harder,” Xu said.

  Something similar happened after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012.Tourists started visiting Mo's former home in rural Gaomi,Shandong Province,in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize.Some even pulled the radishes planted in front of the house and carried away some bricks.

  【语篇解读】 诺贝尔奖获得者的故居备受人们追捧成为新的旅游景点。________.el Prize

  B.it has some cultural relics

  C.it covers a large area

  D.it is a great art and commercial zone

  解析:细节理解题。根据第二段的整体内容可知屠呦呦获得了诺贝尔奖她的故居因此声名大噪成为一个新兴的旅游景点。答案:Aisit Tu's former home?

  A.She admired Tu very much.

  B.She planned to buy the house.

  C.She intended to take photos there.

  D.She wanted her son to be inspired.

  解析:细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的“Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities (名人) is a way to inspire them to study harder”可知徐凌菲带儿子参观屠呦呦故居是为了激励自己的儿子。答案:D    B.Gaomi.解析:细节理解题。根据最后一段的“Tourists started visiting Mo's former home in rural Gaomi可知莫言的故乡在山东省高密市。答案:BWhat is the main idea of the text?

  A.Tu Youyou's former home is for sale.

  B.More Chinese have won the Nobel Prize.

  C.Nobel Prize winner's home becomes an instant attraction.

  D.Children benefit from visiting Nobel Prize winner's home.


  Can you imagine a world without chocolate? It's not something I'd like to do.So I was relieved to read that there's a university with a programme to safeguard the future of chocolate!

  The University of Reading,in England,has just opened a new clearing house for all the world's new cocoa varieties.They must be quarantined (隔离检疫) before they can be grown.Why? Cocoa production hit a record high of 4.4 million tons last year but about 30%of the precious crop is regularly lost to pests and diseases.Now we don't want that new varieties are key to solving this problem.

  The University of Reading has been protecting the quality of the new crops since 1985,after it took over the task from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew,London.And it has improved its facilities.The leader of the institution's cocoa project,Professor Paul Hadley,says,“One of the main issues concerning cocoa improvement is the supply of reliably clean,healthy,interesting cocoa material.”

  The cocoa centre has a collection of 400 plant varieties and their greenhouse uses a lot of energy to keep them in tropical conditions.After up to two years in quarantine,clean and safe seeds are sent to some 20 countries,including several in West Africa.That's where 75% of the cocoa used for chocolate worldwide comes from.The crop is extremely important for the local economy:it employs about two million people.scientist says,“There is some concern within the industry that demand is increasing constantly,particularly in countries like China,where the standard of living is increasing and people are getting a taste for different chocolates.”

  【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文介绍了英国的雷丁大学为保护巧克力的未来解决不断上涨的对巧克力的需求而做的保护可可品种和质量的项目。What is the text mainly about?

  A.Safeguarding cocoa seeds.

  B.Planting cocoa worldwide.

  C.Keeping cocoa in greenhouse.

  D.Finding the new market for cocoa.

  解析:主旨大意题。根据第一段中的“to safeguard the future of chocolate”可知本文主要是关于保护巧克力的未来即可可A项。答案:A________.e the quality of cocoa

  D.supply cocoa for two million people

  解析:细节理解题。The University of Reading has been protecting the quality of the new crops since 1985...”可知这个项目的目的是确保可可的质量故最佳答案为C项。答案:CWhat does the last paragraph tell us?

  A.The taste of chocolates is changing.

  B.Demand for cocoa is increasing fast.

  C.People are concerned about cocoa varieties.

  D.Chinese have a long history of eating chocolates.

  解析:段落大意题。根据最后一段中的“...within the industry demand is increasing constantly...”可知本段的主要意思是世界上对可可的需求量不断上涨故最佳答案为B项。答案:BWhat's the purpose of the text?

  A.To educate. B.To advertise.

  C.To warn. D.To inform.解析:写作意图题。本文主要介绍了雷丁大学的一个保护可可品种和质量的项目其目的就是告D项。答案:DD

  It is important to learn business English if you are going to be successful in another country where English is the primary language.It will also be a great idea to practice speaking and writing in business English.If a university offers a course on business English,it will be a good idea to take the class.Reading,writing and speaking English is necessary to start a business.

  Business English is different from asking where to find the nearest hotel.There are classes you can take to help you but there are things that you can learn on your own.Vocabulary and grammar are a good place to start with.You need to know what words mean.Later,try to pronounce the words and then look them up in the dictionary.Try using them in a sentence and ask someone who is good at English to help you.Once you have an understanding of English,you can use it in business English.

  In business you will have to learn such things as taking messages,answering the phones with proper words and communicating with your co-workers.You may have to learn how to make travel plans.Business English is very different from spoken English.Grammar is the same but you have to learn things like expressing yourself in a proper manner or maybe making a report in your office.(客户服务部门)English.Dealing with the public is sometimes more important than asking your boss for a raise (加薪).Most businesses offer training classes and some companies offer classes on how to do the job with proper business English.【语篇解读】 本文主要说明了学习商务英语的重要性。解析:细节理解题。根据文章第一句“It is important to learn business English if you are going to be successful in another country where English is the primary language.”可知项正确。答案:A________.解析:细节理解题。根据第三段中的“Business English is very different from spoken English.Grammar is the same but you have to learn things like expressing yourself in a proper manner or maybe making a report in your office.”可知B项正确。答案:BWhat's the text mainly about?

  A.The development of business English.

  B.The tips on learning business English.

  C.The introduction to business English.

  D.The comparison between business English and daily English.

  解析:主旨大意题。根据第一段第一句“It is important to learn business English if you are going to be successful in another country where English is the primary language.”以及纵观全文可知全文是在介绍商务英语故选C项。答案:C mentioned of business English EXCEPT ________.解析:细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句“Reading可知A项正确。答案:A


  When I asked my mother-in-law to select which meals she'd like me to order from the home-delivery menue wants.

  It's not just older women who have this problem.Asker's Syndrome can strike the young.I have single friends who won't ask a man out on a date because they fear being considered “too forward”.My five-year-old daughter Violet is showing the early stages of Asker's Syndrome.She's learned that women don't ask?” rather than “Can we go to the park?”tite,food and dating,it's widely reported that women are less likely than men to ask for pay rises and promotions.Instead,they withdraw,hoping that somebody else will decide they are worthy and make them promoted.

  No doubt,many women develop Asker's Syndrome as a defensive measure because they've been labeled as pushy or rude for simply asking for what they want.But in the long term,choosing not to express our desires doesn't serve us well.

  It's time to cure ourselves and our girls of Asker's Syndrome.I don't want to raise a future “mother” who denies her wish for food,power and success and anything else.So I now insist that my daughter ask for what she wants directly.

  For women in our culture,asking is a skill that we need to learn and practice.And if we all do it,then women asking will become the norm rather than the exception.

  【语篇解读】 本文作者通过事例来告诉我们提问者的综合征的症状是什么并且提出自己的看法鼓励女士们勇于发表自己的观点说出自己真正想要的。-in-law is mentioned in Paragraph 1 to ________.解析:文章结构题。本文讲的是Asker's Syndrome的症状是什么文章一开始就通过“mother-in-law”在点菜的时候没有说出自己真正想要的菜的这个例子来引出话题。故选D项。答案:DWhich is TRUE about Asker's Syndrome according to the passage?

  A. It often causes problems with appetite and food.

  B.Older women develop more of its symptoms.

  C.More women suffer from it than men in their career.

  D.It strikes only female victims as reported.

  解析:推理判断题。根据第三段中的“...it's widely reported that women are less likely than men to ask for pay rises and promotions”可知女士与男士相比不太敢在加薪和升职方面提要求即在事业方面更多的女士遭受Asker's Syndrome的折磨故C项是正确的。答案:CThe author holds the view that ________.解析:情感感受题。根据第五段的第一句“It's time to cure ourselves and our girls of Asker's Syndrome”可知作者认为Asker's Syndrome应该被改正。故选D项。答案:D________.C.explain the causes of refusing to ask

  D.suggest ways to ask for more


  Dear Sara,

  As we drove off from Columbia,I wanted to write a letter to you to tell you all that is on my mind.First,I want to tell you how proud we are.Getting into Columbia College shows what a great well-rounded student you are.Your academiclls have truly blossomed in the last few years.Whether it is getting the highest grade in mathematics,completing your elegant fashion design,successfully selling your painted running shoes,or becoming one of the top speakers in Model United Nations,you have become a talented and accomplished young woman.You should be as proud of yourself as we are.

  College will be the most important years in your life.It is in college that you will truly discover what learning is about.This will be the period where you go from teacher-taught to master-inspired-learner.So do take each subject seriouslyssion in college.Take courses you think you will enjoy.Don't be trapped in what others think or say.Do your best in classes,but don't let pressure get to you.Your mother and I have no expectations for your grades.If you graduate and learn something in your four years,we would feel happy.So please don't give yourself pressure.

  I told your mum I'm writing this letter,and asked what she wanted me to say.She thought and said,“Just ask her to take care of herself.” Please listen to your mother and take care of yourself.

  So please treasure your college years,make the best of your free time,and become an independent thinker; learn and grow through your successes and challenges.


  Dad ( & Mum)

  【语篇解读】 这是一封父亲写给刚进入大学校门的女儿的信。信中表达了父母对女儿的爱他们为女儿骄傲告诉她在大学应如何对待学习并叮嘱女儿要照顾好自己。Sara's performance in the last few years makes her parents ________.   B.proud解析:情感态度题。根据第一段尤其是第二句“Firstwant to tell you how proud we are”可知萨拉在过去几年中的表现使她的父母感到骄傲。答案:B-learning.解析:段落大意题。第二段中父亲主要告诉女儿在大学必须成为一个自学者学习技能是非常重要的因此选择A项。答案:Aise Sara to make more friends.


  Fires can cover a home in 60 seconds! Are you prepared with a quick and safe method of fire escape? While most of us are within a few steps of a window in most of our homes,the upper floor presents unique challenges.The key to survival is planning ahead for the upper floor escape.

  The two- and three-story fire escape ladders are the most common types-- and six-story homes.Fortunately- and three-story models.re you can wait for another ladder from outside the home to reach you.

  Escape ladders usually come in a box that will easily slide under a bed or in a closet.When needed,you just slide it out and place it near the window.Open the window as you have determined by now that a door escape from the room is not practical due to heat,smoke and fire conditions.Make sure the hanger (挂钩) will fit in with the window for which it is intended.It usually has a J-shaped hookce you decide on a room to store the escape ladder in,make sure the family members know where it is.If the stairs leading down are blocked due to the fire,head into the room with the escape ladder and close the door behind you.Fix it out of the window and begin climbing down.Have a stronger person go down first,who can then assist others.

  Do as much planning and preparation well in advance of ever needing to use these fire safety skills and you and your family will remain safe.

  【语篇解读】 逃生梯又称消防梯作者在文中讲述了如何在两层及以上的楼房使用火灾逃生梯。What does the author intend to tell in the passage?

  A.How to escape fire above the ground floor.

  B.How to correctly use the fire escape ladders.

  C.How to survive when caught in an accident.

  D.How to purchase the proper fire escape ladders.

  解析:情感态度题。作者在文中主要讲述了如何在两层及以上的楼房使用逃生梯故选A项。答案:A________.-rise apartments解析:细节理解题。依据文章第一段的尾句可知从火灾中逃生的关键是提前做好充分的准备工作。故选C项。C

  10.What should you do after you get the escape ladder?

  A.You can hang it outside your window.

  B.You must keep it in a box in a safe place.

  C.You should inform your family where it is.

  D.You must fix the hanger inside your home.

  解析:细节理解题。依据文章倒数第二段的“make sure the family members know where it is”可知一定要让全家人知道逃生梯放在哪儿以便发生火灾时家人能安全逃生。故选C项。答案:C to a large building.

  D.Early mistakes are the Seeds of future trouble.


  Climate change has been blamed for killer hurricanes,sea level rise,and drought,but a new report suggests the effects of climate change might hit the world's coffee supply.Up to 70 percent of the world's coffee supply could be threatened over the next 66 years,according to a new study by researchers at England's Royal Botanic Garden.

  Nearly 100 percent of the world's arabica coffee growing regions could become unsuitable for the plant by 2080,according to the study.Beans from arabica coffee plants account for about 70 percent of the world's coffee,but the plant has to be grown under strict weather conditions: they thrive at temperatures between 64 and 70 degrees Celsius,and are highly influenced by frost or temperatures higher than 73 degrees Celsius.

  With temperatures estimated to increase by between 1.8 and 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century,the fragile plant might become increasingly expensive and difficult to grow,especially in places such as Ethiopia and Kenya.In that worst case,nearly all of the world's native arabica coffee would die out.Under more conservative estimates,about 65 percent of the regions that used to grow the coffee would become unsuitable for it.The evidence from coffee farmers,from numerous coffee growing regions around the world,is that they are already suffering the influences of increased warming.

  Some commercial farmers would likely be able to move their operations to other areas or would be able to overcome climate change with artificial cooling techniques,but wild arabica is generally considered to be much more suitable for making high-quality coffee.(造成破坏) on the economies of the mainly third-world countries in which it grows.Coffee is the world's most popular drink and is the second most-traded commodity in the world【语篇解读】 本文是一篇研究报告主要介绍了气候变化对世界咖啡产量的影响尤其是对小粒咖啡的影响。What does the passage mainly talk about?

  A.Climate change affects people in many ways.

  B.More and more attention has been paid to climate change.

  C.The world's coffee supply could be threatened by climate change.

  D.The growing conditions of arabica coffee have been improved recently.

  解析:情感态度题。由第一段中的“Up to 70 percent of the world's coffee supply could be threatened over the next 66 years可知答案C项。答案:Caph 2 and Paragraph 3?

  A.According to the study,by 2080 nowhere can be suitable for arabica coffee growing.

  B.65 percent of the world's coffee gets raw materials from arabica coffee plants.

  C.Arabica coffee plants will grow well at temperatures lower than 60 degrees Celsius.

  D.Coffee farmers are the biggest victims of climate change.

  解析:细节理解题。由第二段中的“Nearly 100 percent of the world's arabica coffee growing regions could become unsuitable for the plant by 2080o the study”可知答案为A项。答案:A________.-quality coffeemove to some warm places

  D.would grow more wild arabica

  解析:细节理解题。由第四段中的“Some commercial farmers would likely be able to move their operations to other areas or would be able to overcome climate chang with artificial cooling techniques”可知答案为B项。答案:B-traded commodity.will suffer great economic losses.

  D.Farmers will plant other crops instead of coffee.

  解析:推理判断题。由最后一段中的“If arabica becomes impossible to raise in its native areas(造成破坏) on the economies of the mainly third-world countries in which it grows.”可知答案为C项。答案:C







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