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  Name: Ms. l Gender: Female

  Wedlock: Single Nation: Han

  Residence: Hunan-Changde Age: 27

  Location: Guangdong-Guangzhou Height: 157cm

  Target Locations: Guangdong-Guangzhou

  Target Positions: Quality/Safety Management-QA/QC Manager/Supervisor

  Quality/Safety Management-Supplier Quality Engineer

  Industry/Factories-Project Engineer

  Target Jobs: QA superior、 SQE/CQE、 project engineer

  Desired Salary: 7500 RMB/month Negotiable

  When Can Start: after 2013-08-16 later


  2008-09 ~ 2011-06 zhongshan university administration Bachelor Degree


  2013-04 ~ 2013-06 new oriental school cambridge speaking

  2012-06 ~ 2013-04 sony electronics huanan co.,Ltd Japanese(level 3) Japanese(level 3)

  2006-12 ~ 2007-03 foshan library public english test system PETS-3

  2006-07 ~ 2006-11 foshan library Japanese(primary)

  【you are not full member,please contact us.】 (2010-08 ~ Present)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Electrical,Micro-electronics

  Job Title: supplier quality engineer Positions: Supplier Quality Assurance

  Job Description: Company engages in the production of DVD laser writer, is a precise manufacturing, each product is assembled by 30 ~ 40 components(include hardware parts/electronic parts/optical parts). the major work during this period is supplier quality assurance, include that support supplier improving their quality and check quality system for keeping the stability.

  1.evaluate the parts when new model is imported , discuss the demensions which are out of the spec. with the designer of headquarters in Japan, desinger will determine the ultimate judgement.

  2.when new model begin to get in mass production, establish the document for parts on line and shipment.

  3.According to the instruction of parts'approved specification and CTQ list ,establish the standard of inspection , educate the inspectors take the correct operation.

  4.review the limited the samples which are submitted by suppliers, discuss with relevant departments, if that's necessary, must be taken test-run to verify. after getting the conclusion by discussion,submit it to designer to make the final decision.

  5.handle the qualiy issues for parts' defect,if it gets great affect in production,must call an urgent meeting to discuss the further action.

  6.evaluated suppliers's quality/server/cooperation etc ,got the list of up-steam suppliers,summarized their quality issues and established the plan for improvement.

  7.implement AQAS audit based on the annual plan to verify supplier's quality system. (the auditor must get the qualification which is approved by Sony headquarters)

  8.company begins to implement self-inspection plan to supplier, give some inforation to the suppliers and introduce its guidance(the detailed instructions must be explained again by quality manager), and according to the plan implement audits on-site, connect sony headquarters to issue certification for qualified suppliers.

  9.establish QC flow for parts and make the managing plan for major suppliers base on headquarters's request.

  10.some of projects which were encouraged by company had been involved.(such as:cost down PJ/success PJ,etc.)

  Reason for Leaving: contract expiry

  【you are not full member,please contact us.】 (2007-12 ~ 2010-06)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Electrical,Micro-electronics

  Job Title: SQE Positions: Supplier Quality Engineer

  Job Description: the company goes in for the production of thermal module , the component have many categories,for example,press/die-casting/extrusion/plastic,the major avail of the modules are used in VGA/DT/NB area,because of different parts with different process,so that ,incoming quality control include many contents, as below:

  1.comfirm parts in trail run phase and feedback the information .

  2.attend to the approval of new parts and PPAP's check.

  3.collect incoming issues and confirm the corrective action in periodic time,which lead vendor to improve quality.

  4.establish standard of inspection for product.

  5.audit vendor's quality ,service ,cooperation and timely for 8D report reply,take advice require improvement.

  6.deal with the defects parts after production,take negotiation with vendors,find out the responsibility and charge the cost,has saved nearly 3 million(RMB) for company in past two years.

  Reason for Leaving: orders decreased result in the job without energy

  【you are not full member,please contact us.】 (2005-10 ~ 2007-11)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Other Production,Manufacturing,Processing

  Job Title: CQE/vice-director/SQE Positions: QA/QC Engineer

  Job Description: the company engaged in the production of lens,in this period,job include(一)control the quality of lens material,this include spherical lens and non-spherical lens,the first one have simple process and purchase from domestic, and the second one's main source is from abroad.(二)lens process management,control some of characterist.(三)deal with customer's complain.

  1.Take professional training for freshman.

  2.evaluate the items for new parts run into control run phase and establish standard of operation.

  3.Take quality tools work for data analysis,find out the method for solution.

  4.Lead quality improve team.

  5.evaluate and comfirm the quality issues,and take trace.

  6.Accompany the auditor for check the company's procedure and work.

  7.Control the quality of incoming product and manage vendors .

  8.According different product establish inspection plan.

  9.Establish the standard of operation and maintenance for equipments.

  Reason for Leaving: company immigrate to WuHan

  Project Experience

  individual project leader (2011-03 ~ 2011-09)

  Job Title: cost down PJ

  Project Description: through decreasig supplier's stock ,shortened their inspection time and loosening the

  quality standard under the condition of getting qualified verification to reach the purpose of cost down.

  Responsibility: 1.organize team member,collect original data,analyse it.

  2.according analysis result to identify the key factor in cost structure,evaluate the range of cost down and its possibility.

  3.associate with team members to recheck the evaluation result,establish concrete plan for execution.

  4.according verification result,discuss the rate how much can be taken cost down.

  5.submit headquarters the evaluation report,the rate of cost down will be negotiated by headquarters procurement department.(20 million USD had been taken cost down in this PJ)

  Special Skills

  Professional Title:

  Computer Level: junior

  Computer Skills: Pass Nationwide Computer Level Test Band1 ,and the score is excellent.

  Strengths: 1.Have 7 years experience on quality management,be familiar to the running of quality system .

  2.use QC 7quality tools /FMEA/Minitab skilled,process capability be analysed exactly according capable index (cpk/cp/ppk ect...)

  3.Be good at assigning and optimizing human resource,with good communication and team spirit,suit to face external.

  4.be familiar to the production process of press/die-casting/extrusion /plastic and electric.

  5.the running of ISO9000and ISO14000 OHSAS 18000 system are learned excellently,and get the cerfitication.

  6.Microsoft office is used skilled.

  7.Have some fundation on English and Japanese learning.(it's no problem in writing and reading,speaking is not very fluent,but if there have chances to take more practice,that will be became fluency)

  8.MSA can be used well on product.

  Language Skills

  Chinese: Good Cantonese: General

  English Level: PETS-3(same as CET4)

  English: Good Japanese: Good

  Career Objective

  Career Direction: *Have 7 years experience on quality management,be familiar to the running of quality system .

  *Be good at communication,with sharpen thinking , espacally face to customers and supplier.

  *be familiar to the operation of quality tools ,such as MSA,FMEA,SPC,ect...and can be used well on production procedure.

  *be familiar to electron industry on assembly ,process and components'production procedure,understanding the principle of optical character and be acquainted with the process.

  *major is administration ,be good at developping and optimizing human resource , take lots of experience .

  *have some foundation on English and Japanese,can be used in working.(it's no problem in writing and reading,speaking is not very fluent,hope there have some chances to take more practice.)

  Requirements: *have chance to take training for extending the structure of knowledge.

  *some of work can be decided by self.

  Self Info.

  Self Assessment: 1.Have 7 years experience on quality management, know well the running of quality system.

  2. Accept new objects quickly,enjoy work with challenge and innovation.

  3. with strong enthusiasm and responsibility on work,can finish the task under pressure and can accept work overtime.(private affair won't be considered in recent years.)

  4.Bright character and well communication ,can make good relationship between staffs.







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